Cyberspace: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the starship – heck, I don't look like a starship. Neither do I have a built-in turbolift, nor can I move at warp speed. Seems like it should be “my voyages”… Some twenty-ish years ago I got stranded in a hitherto unknown universe. One undefinable span of time later I discovered a world beyond my then human horizon. A world filled with physics, electricity and stringent logic. In other words a universe where I instantly felt at home. And so it became what it is today: My Universe.

In those days I set out for an expedition, exploring this universe. Soon I found this universe not being uninhabited at all. Most singular creatures populated even more singular places. I watched the archpriests of C celebrating sinister rituals on a VCS, stumbled across the Exorcists of GNU as well as the Freemasons of FreeBSD, faced bean counters on mailing lists and fed trolls at pleaces called bulletin boards.

At present I settled down on my own little cosy spot in cyberspace. Every now and then I write small pieces of software or publish linear combinations of characters, inadvertently recognized as readable texts by some fellow men. Some even claim having spotted a meaning in those imaginary texts…


Being an aviation guy through and through, working for an aircraft company, flying virtually in my spare time.


Being a computer scientist, having developed a liking for Unix-alike operating systems, cryptography and programming.


Being an accordion player, broadening my horizon by stretching out over any keyboard instrument, arranging a composition here and there.