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Privacy Statement

As operator of this internet site, I take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Any personal details you are indicating will, of course, be treated confidentially and be processed only for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry and in line with the pertinent statutory provisions. No data will be disseminated to third parties.

The following statement will give you a general view of which kind of data is collected, stored and processed for which purpose.

Data Processing on the My Universe Webserver

Information provided by your web browser is automatically stored inside the server log files. In particular these information are

  • browser type and version
  • used operating system
  • referrer URL (previously visited page)
  • hostname or IP address of the accessing computer
  • timestamp of the request

As a general rule, I cannot assign these information to a particular person. I do not combine these information with data from other sources. Besides, the data will be deleted after a statistical evaluation. Furthermore, I renounce the use of technologies which prompt your browser to surreptitiously submit data to third party servers for statistical, advertising or other purposes.


Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser on your computer. Some web applications provided by this site make use of so called “session cookies”. Their purpose is to identify your current session context, which is necessary for certain authorisation checks (e. g. authoring permission for the wiki or weblog). These session cookies will automatically be deleted when your session is terminated.

Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain malware (like viruses or trojans).

Comments, Articles and Emails

Of course, any data you actively submit to this website or send to me by other means will be collected and stored. This concerns information like comments on the weblog and articles or account information for the wiki (including any information like your (nick)name, email address or URL entered in the corresponding input form). These details are provided voluntarily and will not be checked by the operator of this website. Using pseudonyms is possible and encouraged to protect your privacy.

I would like to point out that names (or pseudonyms), comments, URLs etc. are visible to any visitor of this website.

Content and header information of emails sent to me are also collected and stored, but never made available to the public.

Right of Access to Personal Data

In compliance with the German law (BDSG), you are entitled to request information regarding your personal data stored by the operator of this website. Furthermore, you are entitled to demand the deletion of all your personal data. In both cases, please contact me via email (the address can be found in the legal disclaimer (contact section).