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Cyberspace, the Final Frontier…

Beasty, the FreeBSD Daemon

These are the voyages of the starship – heck no, I do not look like a starship. See, I neither have a turbolift built in, nor can I cruise at Warp speed. Actually it should read “my voyages”… Some fifteen years ago, I had became stranded in a hitherto unknown universe. After some relatively undefined span of time, I started to discover that this universe was a world beyond human horizons, a world full of physics, electricity and stringent logics. A universe, in other words, in which I immediately felt at home. Hence it became what it is today: My Universe.

And so it came to pass that I started my wondrous expedition to explore this universe. Soon had I discovered that this universe was anything but uninhabitated. Most curious individuals populated most peculiar places. I watched the high priests of C celebrating dark rites in a VCS, stumbled across the exorcists of GNU as well as the free masons of BSD, dodged nitpickers on mailing lists and fed trolls in places called boards.

As to today, I have settled down on a nice patch of the cyberspace. From time to time, I write small pieces of software or publish patchworks of words that some people may recognise as legible texts, maybe even revealing a certain meaning to the careful reader. My favourite activity inside this universe however remains to tinker with my faithful and ubiquitous companion, a Daemon sometimes called Beasty.

Well, that's the tale. Maybe I will write some more of it when I am in the mood one day, but for the moment that will do. Instead I would like to concentrate on writing down my adventures, experiences and small discoveries as to toying with BSD, Linux and all the other wondrous creatures from my all personal universe.